About Us

Barak Industrial & Production

Barak Ltd with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing in the field of bread making machinery has been a major contributor in production for the home market and export of technology for the international market; export to countries such as Japan, Germany, Canada and more, is a testimony to Barak's superior scientific and engineering knowledge in the domain of bread making technologies.
Long term visions of Barak Industries are:
1-Customer centred approach in accordance with international standards and quality post sale support.
2- Close technical collaboration and co-operation in design, build and installation of bread making production lines.
3-long term post sales service and help.
Barak has an independent post sale department which is responsible for installation, servicing and commissioning of purchased units. Barak's technical experts will quickly and efficiently provide technical support to our customers inside Iran and internationally
Barak is also active in joint venture, collaboration and investment for industrial projects.
For more information contact our technical department.